BatterieIngenieure develops performance and lifetime models for different battery technologies (mainly focused on Li-ion and Lead acid batteries) to support and speed-up the optimal design of your application. Parameterization and validation measurements are in parallel carried out to ensure reliable and accurate models.

Currently, BatterieIngenieure´s activities focus on the following type of models:

PERFORMANCE MODELS Equivalent Circuit Models Reproduce electrical and thermal behaviour o    State detection algorithms.

o    Design of energy management strategies.

o    Cell benchmark.

Electrochemical Models Reproduce electrical, thermal and cells’ internal parameters behaviour. o    Assist on material development and cell engineering.

o    Cell cost estimation.

o    Fast charge optimization.

o    State detection algorithms (reduced orders).

AGEING MODELS Semi-empirical / advanced methods Reproduce and predict degradation behaviour in terms of capacity loss and resistance increase o    Cell benchmark.

o    Online lifetime prediction.

o    Offline lifetime prediction.

o    Determine product warranty

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