Nanostructured battery materials

In this project, components and manufacturing processes for the production of improved lithium ion batteries are to be developed. The main focus will be on transferring research results to large-scale applications. Specifically, techniques are to be developed to optimize active materials with the aid of nanostructured coatings, thus enabling a significant increase in the energy density, efficiency and service life of current lithium ion batteries. For this purpose, highly stable, functional coatings of anode and cathode materials are to be developed, which optimize the surface properties of the active materials and significantly improve their electrochemical properties. In addition, large-scale processes are to be developed that will enable the coatings to be deposited economically on an industrial scale. Here, the focus will be specifically on chemical vapor deposition (CVD). On the basis of electrochemical tests of coated active materials, as well as on the basis of economic calculations, a targeted market introduction of the new materials or coating processes will finally be advanced. In this project, the development and technical application of nanostructured coating materials is to be advanced in order to achieve a targeted increase in the performance of the active materials in this way, but without having to accept significant disadvantages. For this purpose, coatings with optimized ionic and electronic conductivity as well as high electrochemical stability are to be developed. On the other hand, large-scale processes for the deposition of the coatings are to be designed and tested in order to advance the technical use of coated active materials with significantly improved storage density, efficiency and service life.