About us

BatterieIngenieure GmbH was founded in 2015 as an association of experienced engineers and physicists from battery research and manufacturing. The involvement of Prof. Sauer and Prof. Figgemeier ensures the inclusion of the latest research results and brings additional competence and experience. We work in the fields of testing, modeling, diagnostics and advise companies on these topics.

We deal with all electrochemical energy storage systems (primary and secondary batteries) as well as SuperCaps. Thermal and mechanical storage systems are included for holistic consideration within the framework of systemic and economic issues.

With meanwhile more than 40 employees, we are thematically broadly positioned and always highly motivated to accept and master all challenges.

In 2021, Battery Engineers South Europe SL was founded in Spain to provide even better support for the growing number of our customers in Southern Europe.

Furthermore, from August 2021 we will educate for the first time in the fields of “office management assistant” and “electronics technician for devices and systems”.