Secured Industrial Power Supply Systems in Micro and Smart Grids

Together with our partners, we are working on the topic of “Secured Industrial Power Supply Systems in Micro and Smart Grids (GIS-MS)” as part of a publicly funded project.
Stationary battery storage systems in the form of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) are used in industrial companies. These back up critical loads in the event of grid disturbances, which, however, rarely occur. As a result, batteries age primarily on a calendar basis, and the cyclic aging potential remains largely unused.

Modern industrial microgrids connect the public utility grid with the company’s various loads and local generation facilities. Incorporating storage into local energy management opens up a wide range of potential uses, such as promoting the integration of renewable energy at the local level or functions for grid stabilization. The UPS thus becomes a hybrid UPS system with multiple benefits. The project will primarily investigate the following key topics:

  • Power electronic topology of the hybrid UPS system
  • Type and load of the battery
  • Operating strategy and dimensioning
  • Regulatory framework

The aim of the project is to remove technical hurdles and pave the way for hybrid UPS in practice. To demonstrate the technical feasibility, a laboratory prototype will be built and tested.